Account Executive - The Netherlands -Saas fintech

Who's Hiring ?

This Saas company is based in Gent, Brussels and Paris. The founders of this 5 years succes story have managed to build an performance management software that is making CFo and CEOs make better decisions based on their most prised possession: DATA !

Currently the demand is very hot and they need closers and relationshipbuilders to grow the market in the Netherlands.

Where do you fit in ?

We are looking to hire a Business Development Manager for the Dutch market. You are giving the opportunity to follow up on hot leads and engage in long and mid long sales cycles whith ceo's and cfos in a variety of sectors.

Don't know financials ? You can onboard in 6 months where you are given training and you can work in tandem with your sales manager

Who can join ?

  • Someone up to doing full, long term sales cycles
  • Someone who can benefit from learning from a senior sales
  • Someone who in interested in sparring with ceo's about digitalisation
  • Somone with a first sales working experience

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